Janno®med Intensive cream 50ml


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Jannomed Intensive Skin Cream- Skin care Cream for extremely dry and scaly skin. Specially developed as therapeutic skin care treatment for neurodermatitis.The Jannomed Intensive Cream is a medical aid treatment cream. It contains very valuable Microsilver and Ceraparts Omega 6 which soothes, moisturizes and reduces itchiness to the skin.
Dermatological studies on efficacy and tolerability demonstrate improvement of the skin’s moisture content, the skin becomes more pliable and the dryness is alleviated.

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Jannomed Intensive Skin Cream is specially developed as therapeutic skin care treatment for neurodermatitis.Highly recommended for daily use to alleviate irritated, dry, and scaly skin conditions. It is also suitable for babies and toddlers.
Cereparts Omega 6 forms a breathable, protective semipermeable film by closing the gaps instantaneously in the hydrolipid film. Enriched Ceramides and Phytosterols play a key role in enhancing and restoring the skin’s protective function in the long term.
The skin is protected from external influences such as micro-organisms and allergens.
Microsilver, an anti-microbial agent and Magnolia Bark Dry Extract support the stabilization of the skins flora, thereby preventing skin irritations such as redness and itchiness. Borage oil with its very high concentration of gamma-linoleic acid, as well as Sage and Schisandra Sphenanthera Extracts help support the regeneration of the skin. Due to the high panthenol content of 3.7%, skin moisture is significantly increased.

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